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Born to a musically gifted family in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jacob began to show passion for music from a young age.  To encourage his musicianship, Jacob’s parents enrolled him in violin lessons. Through classical training his great love for music and recording grew as he found comfort in classical composers such as Vivaldi and Bach.

After high school, Jacob began to study voice and composition, while writing and producing his first independent album, The Afflicted.  The Afflicted is an autobiographical look at a troubled teenager struggling to reconcile his own personal beliefs with those of his family and the religion in which he was raised.  “There was a time in my life that I believed being gay was like being afflicted with a disease. The songs on The Afflicted tell the story of confronting that belief and coming out on the other side with self-acceptance and love.”

Jacob’s electronic pop style has been compared to artists like Imogen Heap, Chvrches, and Depeche Mode. His upcoming release, Absolution, focuses on the theme of addiction and recovery. “A whole lot of life came at me really quickly. I didn’t know how to deal with the loss of my family, childhood abuse – the death of my Dad.  On top of that, as a gay man you hear and see things every day that make you feel inferior. I anesthetized with drugs and alcohol because I didn’t know how to feel the pain. It affected literally every aspect of my life until I got help.”

“Absolution is about a shift in perspective that came to me in recovery. It’s about recognizing the pain that I’d been through as a gift. What I used to view as baggage or damage became a beautiful gift I could use to help others dealing with trauma.”

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  • Absolution is the follow up album to Jacob's first release, The Afflicted

  • Tracks from Absolution are available to listen to on Soundcloud.